Action Bronson Interview W/ Sneaker Watch

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Action Bronson has an interview with Sneaker Watch and touches on wearing New Balances and Asics. He also gives his props to Ronnie Fieg saying he has an eye for design. I have started to follow his work when I se...

Recap of Supreme’s Fall/Winter 2014 line-up

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As you all know Supreme has begun releasing their fall/winter items for the year 2014. With that being said, the residents of New York can expect line-ups outside the store beginning Wednesday night and going on t...

Limited Edition Joe Ghost Festival Jersey For Live In The Limelight Brand

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Here is something cool that Live In The Limelight Brand just released recently. If you are interested in what you see, make sure you guys check the site out right here and buy it! Check the excerpt below in regard...

The Kid Mero At Capsule Show In NYC

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If you don't know about The Kid Mero, well you're about to watch something with him in it. Here is the Kid Mero at Capsule Show in NYC. This is where people get a chance to see the upcoming fashion trends of the y...

Manifesto x Cultural Hotspot: NEXT In Conversation W/ 5ivesontop

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Last Tuesday, July 8th, I had the opportunity to go to this Cultural Hotspot Conversation with none of other than Matt of 5ivesontop. Here he had a number of things he talked about, especially how he started off a...

Spike Lee Speaks On Effecting New Era W/ A Choice He Made

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I'm a huge fan of fitted caps, so I like to learn about anything in regards to fitted caps. Here is a short clip where Spike Lee speaks on a choice he made which effected fitted caps and New Era. What is this choi...

BoyGnyuZ – “Lost”

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BoyGnyuz was an artist that performed at last years Dream House show. He definitely grabbed my attention during the performance, and I posted some footage of the performance. Just found out, that he released a new vid...

Meek Mill ft. Big Sean & A$AP Ferg – “B-Boy”

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After a hiatus due to legal issues, Meek Mill is back with a brand new video, probably off his latest project. He enlists Big Sean and A$AP Ferg for the brand new track. As usual, a very hyped up track from Meek Mill.

Twenty Mill Performs January 23rd

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Twenty Mill was another artist that performed on January 23rd during the show held by Dream House. This was one artist that had the everyone hyped up. You can understand that by just watching the video.

J.Cole Interview With The Combat Jack Show

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The Combat Jack Show is back with another interview, this time interviewing none other than J.Cole. He has only done a few interviews in order to promote his album, and this was just one of them. This is a lengthy...

Key! – “Work Ya Risk”

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If you were to listen to this track without knowing the name of the track, you would probably think he is saying “work ya wrist”, but that is not what he is saying. Either way, the track goes in, so its definitely...

Just John – “Roost ’93 Freestyle”

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Just John continues to give us new music and new events that can unify the city. Today, we get a brand new track from him entitled "Roost '93 Freestyle". Don't waste any time in checking this freestyle out.

Kanye West Feat. Paul McCartney – “Only One”

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Kanye West releases a brand new video for the track "Only One". It's a short video where he gives the home video vibe. He could have invested a large amount of money into the video but he got a simple home video to fo...

Counter Culture: The Curse of Online Status..

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These days, with the help of such social media outlets like instagram, facebook, and tumblr amongst others, people have the ability to reach others outside of their country. Not only that, they are able to make fo...

Litefeet & NYPD’s Crackdown

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Litefeet is a form of dancing and it is a form that separates itself from others because it has taken its moves onto the subway trains. In March 2014, NYPD announced its plans to put a stop to it by charging anyon...

Documentary: How Napster Effected The Record Industry

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Napster just speaks for it. At the dawn of Napster, the music industry took a hit it thought it would never see. Even though they were able to shut it down, people still found ways to download free music and conti...

Action Bronson – “F*** That’s Delicious” (Part 7)

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Action Bronson and Big Body are here in Episode 7 of Munchies "F**k That's Delicious". I have to say it is always fun watching these episodes because you see a mix of some good food and jokes and humor. It makes i...

SchoolBoy Q Show Recap (Photos)

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A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to cover the SchoolBoy Q show that took place at Sound Academy. Here, DJ Charlie B, HustleGrl and Redway were thre...

Martika Gregory’s “Sights From Sounds”

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Martika Gregory is a talented photographer based out of Toronto. I have been following her work for quite some time now, and I have also posted some of her work in the past. Earlier today, I came across a new proj...

Noisey Design: Brian Roettinger Creating Album Art For Jay-Z & Childish Gambino

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This was an interesting one to watch. With designer Brian Roettinger, he has created album art for Jay-z and Childish Gambino's recent work. I love the way he did things and speaks on meeting both these artists an...