Recap of Supreme’s Fall/Winter 2014 line-up

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As you all know Supreme has begun releasing their fall/winter items for the year 2014. With that being said, the residents of New York can expect line-ups outside the store beginning Wednesday night and going on t...

Limited Edition Joe Ghost Festival Jersey For Live In The Limelight Brand

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Here is something cool that Live In The Limelight Brand just released recently. If you are interested in what you see, make sure you guys check the site out right here and buy it! Check the excerpt below in regard...

The Kid Mero At Capsule Show In NYC

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If you don't know about The Kid Mero, well you're about to watch something with him in it. Here is the Kid Mero at Capsule Show in NYC. This is where people get a chance to see the upcoming fashion trends of the y...

Manifesto x Cultural Hotspot: NEXT In Conversation W/ 5ivesontop

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Last Tuesday, July 8th, I had the opportunity to go to this Cultural Hotspot Conversation with none of other than Matt of 5ivesontop. Here he had a number of things he talked about, especially how he started off a...

Spike Lee Speaks On Effecting New Era W/ A Choice He Made

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I'm a huge fan of fitted caps, so I like to learn about anything in regards to fitted caps. Here is a short clip where Spike Lee speaks on a choice he made which effected fitted caps and New Era. What is this choi...

Rep Clothing Presents Canuck Collection

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I still remember buying my first piece from them a couple of years back, and support what they're doing over at Rep Clothing. Today, they have released their new collection called "Canuck Collection". Since the qu...

P.Reign – “Dear America” (Mixtape)

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Here is P.Reigns new project that all the fans have been waiting for. The download link has been provided below: P Reign - Dear America

Stalley Interview At The Combat Jack Show

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This is an interesting interview if you want to learn about him in details. As usual, Combat Jack touches on the previous episodes and they go into details as to what occurred between Premium Pete and Kevin Gates....

Jhene Aiko – “The Pressure”

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Jhene Aiko's debut album "Souled Out" is set to release next Tuesday. With assistance from Childish Gambino and Calmatic, she relays the message that the pressure is hectic when you are a single mother, artist, in a r...

Terrell Morris Feat. Deniro Farrar – “Never Gon’ Change” (Prod. By BiirdxLahghost)

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With assistance from Deniro Farrar, Terrell Morris let's us know why he will never change and why a female should never change for him. Learn more from him through this track right here!

A$AP Rocky – “SVDDXNLY” (Part 4 & 5)

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Here is the 4th episode, where he get's to meet Jeremy Scott, a designer that highly influences and inspires him in terms of fashion. He also get's to meet Kathy Griffin in the episode and his back to back convers...

GinZ – “Latch” (Prod. By axxxxgxxx)

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Here is GinZ with a new track. Previously, he released tracks with Bollywood music vibe to it, but he switched it up this time to get some things off his mind. So make sure you guys check it out!

CJ Fly Feat. Joey Bada$$ – “Sup Preme”

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I have to admit, I was excited for the release of this video as soon as I found out they were working on a video for it. This has to be one of my favorite tracks off CJ Fly's project, so it was only right I felt h...

Suli Breaks Speaks On Exams In Sky News

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I've always felt like exams are not the way to go. As I matured, I felt that exams are really not that practical. All you're trying to do is recall what you have learned over the year or month or week. But other t...

Shaun Boothe Speaks About Innovation In Education At TEDx

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To start off, I have to say this was an interesting TEDx to watch. After reading the title "Innovation In Education", I thought to myself, "how exactly will he speak on this topic?" Let's just say the way he did...

ABC7 Eye Witness News Covers Remix Project Chicago

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The Remix Project has been open in Toronto for a number of years now. During those years it has helped a number of creatives such as Rich Kidd and his manager, HustleGrl just to name a few. It continues to help a ...

Vice News Presents: Undercover Cop Tricks Autistic Student into Selling Him Weed

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This was really sad to watch. If you've watched 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street, then this will make some sense. I never realized that something like that is actually done in real life. The story basically goes,...

Tre Mission “Stigmata” Album Release Party

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I had a chance to head on over to Tre Missions "Stigmata" album release party last Thursday. Trust me, if you're a fan, it was worth your time. You had a chance to listen to "Stigmata" througho...

Full Circle Show At Rivoli (Recap)

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Big Japes Devon Tracy Elcee The Artist HustleGrl Jahkoy Jahkoy Sean Leon Sean Leon YT! YT! G Milla Last Friday, thanks to the Stay Out Late ...

A Little Bit About Gavin Sheppard

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If you're from Toronto and you've been involved in the Entertainment industry in anyway, then you should have heard of Gavin Sheppard. He is one of the persons behind The Remix Project which has played a huge role...