History Of Fishtail Parkas

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Recently I purchased a Fishtail Parka, something I had been looking for since last year. This year, with Supreme's recent release of their Spring/Summer 2014 collection, fishtail parka was part of the release. So ...

The Grid Profiles The Legends League Clothing

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The Grid is a local magazine in Toronto. I just came across this profile they wrote regarding the Legends League Clothing recently. If you're into streetwear fashion in Toronto and would love to support local bran...

Boxing Day Madness/ Streetstyle

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On December 26th I decided to take my newly bought camera downtown and try to capture as many pictures as possible. The objective was to capture some streetstyle on the day but I wasn't able to capture a whole lot i...

slyFOX Interview W/ 60 MG Art, 5ives On Top, The Brew Crew

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After finding out about the release of their second "Scarborough" hat and the attention it received. Of course, me finally being able to get my hands on one as well. I've been interested in finding out about the g...

5ives X 60mg Collaboration – Scarborough Buckle Back

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Today, I had an opportunity to grab this 5ives X 60mg Collaboration – Scarborough Buckle Back hat. Let me tell you, this was worth the money that I spent. The reason I say this, I bought the 40oz Van Michigan ...

Concepts x Red Wings

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Red Wings! I've been planning and meaning to buy a pair for this winter. But as I watched this video, now I want to buy it even more. The way this video was filmed and how it displayed the technique of how these b...

Future Feat. Andre 3000 – “Benz Friends” (Watchutola)

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Future get's Andre 3000 for his new track entitled "Benz Friends". This will appear on his second project entitled "Honest". If you weren't aware, Future would hang around and learn from Dungeon Family, something ...

P Reign – “Pon Tour”

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Even though he is not able to make it to the U.S, P Reign had the opportunity to go to the last three days on tour with Drake for the European tour. Here is a video he shot while on tour with Drake.

On The Rise Interviews Rockie Fresh

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On The Rise was present at the "These Things Happen" Tour which took place in Toronto about a month ago. Here is an interview they were able to conduct with Rockie Fresh, who was one of the openers of the night.

Jimmy B – “One Whiskey”

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Jimmy B drops a new video for us entitled "One Whiskey" off his newly released project. Here is something people could relate to and its something personal at the same time. Definitely one of those tracks I liked off ...

Toronto Raptors – #WeTheNorth

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Toronto Raptors have made it to the playoffs! This season they have definitely made the city proud with their performance. Now we hope to see them make it as far as they possibly can and make the city proud. Here ...

OMYGOTTI – “Letter To Your Girlfriend” (Prod By Don “Dizzle” Solomon aka Da System)

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OMYGOTTI drops a new track entitled "Letter To Your Girlfriend". I mean the name speaks for itself lol.

Ginz – “Barrage” (Prod By EZ-A)

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Ginz is a South Asian artist you guys need to pay attention to. Here is a track just to give you guys an idea of what he is about. We will be posting more music as it becomes available.

Vice News Presents – “Life As An Illegal Immigrant In Greece”

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Vice News presents a new segment today. Today, they present a short documentary where they visited Greece because immigrants that have fled other countries due to numerous reasons needed to seek refuge and make th...

Vice News Presents: “Russian Roulette -The Invasion of Ukraine” (Dispatch 25)

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As the issues between Russia and Ukraine continue, watch as apparent Russian soldiers take over Ukraine Police station. But once they are confronted by the journalist, the story is they are residents that are tryi...

Vice News Presents: Bangladesh Rising

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We have been seeing issues arising in the middle east, and Ukraine as well as Russia. They are clashing either against the government, amongst themselves or against one another. Here is another issue building up r...

Vice Presents: “Russian Roulette -The Invasion of Ukraine” (Dispatch 22-24)

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The problems between Ukraine and Russia do not seem to be stopping anytime soon. This post right here is proof as you will watch in the three videos, how the commotion seems to be never ending.

UforChange: Meet Helen & Valen

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UforChange is an arts-based educational program that understands its important for the youth to be empowered, have access, guidance, and resources. With all of this provided to them, they are equipped to head into an ...

All You Need To Know About “Juice”

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At one point in our lives, we have all watched the movie Juice". If you haven't watched it yet, make sure you do because it isn't too late. After you do, you will have a better opportunity to understand the things...

Alexandra Blaauw – “Self-Reflection” (Part 1)

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Alexandra just showed me a new poem she wrote not too long ago. Instead of me explaining it, she explains the poem in her own words and below that I will include her actual piece. As I stare into my own self-re...