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An Introduction To Raptroop

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A little while ago, I was introduced to the concept of Raptroop. A way to connect with other individuals part of the music industry just like you. In order to understand the concept better, check the write-up below....

DillanPonders Opens For Tink At NXNE Redbull Sound Select Show

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As NXNE 2015 started on a Wednesday, the Redbull Sound Select Show started off the crazy week for us. During the Sound Select Show, there were two Toronto artists, Allie and DillanPonders that opened the show, the...

The Creator Class Introduces Street Dreams

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The Creator Class has been introducing numerous creative collectives to us the audience. Today, they have released another video where we have been introduced to a team called "Street Dreams". A photography magazi...

Jaiden Feat. K.Forest & Ashton – “Soul Food”

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Jaiden releases another track which features K.Forest and Ashton. With these two addition to the track, it definitely provides a vibe that he may have been looking for.

Macklemore Interview With Hot 97

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Macklemore was present at Hot 97 and they talked about everything that related to race. Being a white rapper in hip-hop, being liked more as a rapper by white parents etc. I will not go in-depth because this is an...